Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Loneliest of Cities?

I just read a reviewer refer to London as “that loneliest of cities,” but I wonder, is it really? Surely the loneliest of cities would have to be an Australian town, even Sydney – those sparse, empty spaces, be it the landscape or the never-ending suburbia. Sydney does not even have that sense or artistic community of, say, Melbourne.

Sydney is an empty town where empty people leave their single flats to sit on vast, hot, salty beaches and not talk to one another, the loneliest of cities easily no? Discuss.

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DS said...

The loneliest city of them all. I wander around and try and make contact with people but they don't want to know me. I am newish to living in a city and at first I got so excited by all of the everything that I could hardly stand it but now I know that its just me with a busier backdrop.