Saturday, February 10, 2007

Click here for "I'm Frightened & I Want My Money" - Live at Short & Sweet 2005, Newtown Theatre.

You can now view my Short & Sweet 2005 play "I'm Frightened & I Want My Money" on Google Video.

Adapted from my performance poem, and starring me as myself, as well as the lovely Fiona Butler, and some other wacky talented cats, and directed by the sober eye of former S&S Artistic Director, and fine playwright on his own, the auspicious Alex Broun.

It was filmed by Tektonics Entertainment founder, the man we love to call Vlad The Pale: Tudor Bucea. Just click on the title of this blog entry.

Okay, the sounds a little dodgy, and it wasn't our best night, but such are the pitfalls of filming live theatre.

I hope very soon to have more of my short plays available for viewing thanks to Signor Bucea and the team at Tektonic, in particular 2004's "Naked, With A Blue Light," and my recent Peoples' Choice winner for it's week "9/11 Conspiracy: The Musical."

NB: I am presently writing a long version of "9/11 Conspiracy: The Musical" for a tour around Australia and the world. Could it be the next "Keating"? Let's hope so.

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