Monday, October 24, 2005

PR - Restricted Magazine

Benito's latest bag is as Arts Editor of Restricted Magazine. Here's the blurb from

"For every street press magazine that is printed in this world a tree falls in the Amazon, a fairy flaps its wings and a very cute puppy....DIES!!"

Restricted will be a monthly DVD magazine distributed free like any street press, but with the key difference being that you won't have to read.

Just pop it on, sit back, pour yourself a cold one, light up, and watch it.

Each issue will feature live interviews with musicians, actors, filmmakers, writers and other sundry pop culture personalities, as well as the hippest short films and cutting edge music videos.

It will also contain a guide to gigs and venues in Sydney, as well as theatre and film reviews.

Issue One will hit the streets February 1 and will be accompanied by a huge launch party at "Restricted's" warehouse HQ.

It's still early days but we've done some interisting filming with our cutting edge team of Gypsy Journalists and tech crew, including a wacky weekend with the late Vicous Hairy Mary in their latest incarnation as the Circus Monoxide Big Band, as well as the furry freak show that was Madame Lash's birthday performance party at the soon to be defunct Kirk which featured such acts as The Porno Puppets From Prague.

We're lining up some big name for the first issue so keep alert, and possibly a little alarmed.


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