Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chronic Ills इन Sydney - ticket on sale now!

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The Chronic Ills of Robert Zimmerman: AKA Bob Dylan (A Lie) - A Theatrical Talking Blues and Glissendorf (April 6 - April 24)

Following a critically acclaimed season at the Adelaide Fringe
("a wonderful strange... marvelously engaging theatrical experience" the surrealo-absurdist rhythmic reimagining of the life and weird times of Bob Dylan plays at the Old Fitz this April.

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Presented by Tamarama Rock Surfers.

Penned by award winning Sydney poet, playwright, journalist Benito Di Fonzo,The Chronic Ills is a reverently ironic homage to the man born Robert Allen Zimmerman, better known as Bob Dylan.

We follow Bob/Robert as he begins his career by running away from home at ten, twelve, thirteen, fifteen, fifteen-and-a-half, seventeen and eighteen years old. Instructed by Woody Guthrie, he goes in pursuit of a holy grail of songs armed only with a fascist-killing guitar and a dream. Accidentally renamed Dylan in a New York public hospital, he then encounters, corrupts, jams and gets lost at sea with fellow icons Ginsberg, Lennon, Pound, Eliot, Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Billy Bragg, and a hipster-Yiddish speaking Abraham Lincoln (to name a few).

Following a sell-out, critically acclaimed season at the Adelaide Fringe, the Chronic Ills returns to Sydney's mainstage for three weeks only.

“It’s a long story mister, involving bible, ghosts, chaos, clocks,watermelons, everything”

"Benito di Fonzo's Dylan-esque stream of consciousness is fun ... Fonzo has invoked the spirits of everyone who might have influenced Dylan ... with John Lennon and Yoko Ono being a particular crowd pleaser."
Tim Lloyd – The Advertiser

“Wonderfully strange … so well written … a marvelously engaging theatrical experience."
Brian Godfrey –

“You don’t need drugs to enjoy … the wackiest show in the fringe.”
Matt Byrne – Sun Mail

“The musical accompaniment is outstanding in it’s subtlety and effectiveness.”
Troy Foster – Rip It Up!

“It was fantastic and will be a hit of the fringe!”
David Grybowski

"this was a bloody brilliant show, every bit as entertaining as Bowengabbie… and that’s a massive compliment."
Cast & Crew

Playwright: Benito Di Fonzo
With: Andrew Henry, Lenore Munro, Matt Ralph and Simon Rippingale
Director: Lucinda Gleeson
Producer: Jennifer Hamilton
Publicity: Emma Jones
Designer: Eliza McClean
Production Manager: Caitlin Porter
Graphic Design: Think Five
Lighting Design: Richard Whitehouse

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